Stavros Niarchos Park 2022

Stavros Niarchos Park 2022

Client: Wireframe (CA) and SNFCC (GR)
Date: 01/12/2022 - 08/01/2023
Location: Athens (GR)
Artwork: Lightholders

In the Stavros Niarchos Park, Athens (GR) several installation created a fairytale-like, Christmas setting. Large-scale Light Installations, visible from a distance, created for  public space, engage in a dynamic conversation with the Park and offer visitors a unique, impressive experience, inviting them to interact and capture this unique experience. 

I’m proud that we could show Lightholders in an interactive large scale setup.

The audio visual artwork Lightholders is based on gas holders in the shape of large, round storage spaces combined with the concept of using sound loops and making them visible. This is inspired by the sound experiments done by Philips in the 60’s by artists like Dick Raaijmakers and many others. We created three Lightholders, two with a diameter of 15 meters and one with a diameter of 21 meters, all have the same 3 meters height. Each object contains several hundreds of led pixels.

Every circle contains several audio loops and will be played in random order but within their sound composition. The audio loops are in sync with light animations so the movement and sound is directly visible. The sounds are all moving around the public, creating a spacial hearing.The sound samples are composed by the producers duo Walvisnest (NL) and production was done by Wireframe (CA).

This artwork was exhibited at the following events