JONAS VORWERK (1978, Netherlands) is a multimedia artist who creates environments that connect digital fantasies and tangible experiences.

He is interested in working with aspects that are present both in the digital and the physical domains such as multiplicity and modularity. His works frequently explore the ideas of repetition, interaction, chance and change. To look into the new dimensions that the digital world can create in the physical space he primarily works with technology, light, music and space. He uses these elements not only as tools but also likes to draw from the broader cultural context that connects them to the popular culture and entertainment, which originates in his own involvement with the electronic music scene and background in engineering.

The artworks he creates often introduce surprising and playful overlaps between the physical and the digital into the public space, where they are confronted with large audiences. His works are not meant to be shown in the traditional space of the white cube, but rather in crowded streets, outdoor festivals or open landscapes where they become a subject to various influences, where they can not only be looked at but also touched and played with. The element of participation is in fact often inherent to the design of Vorwerk’s installations, which are completed with the engagement of the public. Their organic character allows them to continuously change and always be influenced by the context in which they are placed.

The works of Jonas Vorwerk could be seen at STRP, Dutch Design Week, Motel Mozaique, De Wereld van het Witte de With Kwartier, Amsterdam Light Festival and many more.

If you are interested in more information, booking or purchasing any of the works please contact Jonas Vorwerk at info@jonasvorwerk.nl.

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