Date: 20/05/2023 - 07/09/2023
Location: Museum IJsselstein (NL)
Artwork: Lightbox Sequencer

The children’s exhibition Druktemakers was created by 10 renowned artists and 19 primary school students from IJsselstein: our children’s ambassadors. That means that you will visit an amazing exhibition at MIJ this summer! There is plenty to see, discover, create and experience.

The Lightbox Sequencer is an interactive audio-visual installation that through the play of light and sound invites the public to discover the basics of today’s electronic music. It pays a tribute to the music sequencer, which until today remains one of the key elements used in its creation. The Lightbox Sequencer references and somewhat breaks down the history of the tool. It brings back its physicality by using the keyboard and the knobs as a part of its interface. At the same time it deploys the latest technology to simulate the working of a contemporary sequencer and to enable user interaction. It provokes the public to make music as if they were playing a game.

Lightbox Sequencer was created in 2006, using computers and software from that era. For this occasion I’ve updated and improved this work, now it’s runs stand alone without a computer. The samples were created by the children’s ambassadors and recorded in the museum.

In the period from 20 May to 17 September 2023, you can see Druktemakers, our first exhibition entirely aimed at children. All objects and installations in this exhibition have an interactive component. Busy makers  revolves around contemporary art with which you can do something yourself, in line with the experience of primary school students. Help build an ever-changing work, create your own cartoon or musical light composition, develop your own game, relax in a drawing garden, turn yourself into a digital work of art or crawl through an installation – and more!


Beeldcredits: Djana Djordjevic en Sabine Metz

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