Music Forest

Musical Forest

Music Forest

Year: 2016
Specifications: 18 aluminium posts of 10x10x220 cm including: Arduino electronics, battery, RGB power LED lights, capacitive touch sensor, audio amplifier, speaker, space.
Jonas Vorwerk & Chantal Vos

Music Forest takes a form of a collaborative instrument that inspires people to create music with the intensity of movement and touch. Eighteen posts with different sounds form a unique sound landscape and influence the context of the place in which it stands.

The artwork becomes an excuse for the artists to break the daily rhythm and pace of the city by inviting the public into the imaginary world of Music Forest. The work encourages a moment to pause and to form an orchestra together with others.

The forest is both a reference to the spatiality of the work and the idea that you can get away from the monotone, the routine and the individualism of the city. It is a forest in which every tree has its own sound, but only together they can make a concert.

Muziekbos in Eindhoven, Photo by Maarten van den Beemt
Muziekbos on the Muziek op de Dommel Festival 2016 in Eindhoven, Photo by Maarten van den Beemt
Future Flux Festival, photo by Aad Hoogendoorn
Muziekbos op Future Flux Festival 2016, photo by Aad Hoogendoorn
Music Forest at KIKK Festival – Namur (BE)
Music Forest at Science Festival – Abu Dhabi (UAE)

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