Year: 2017
Specifications: Bent u-shaped 3mm aluminum profile available in diameters of Ø 105 cm and 165 cm (custom sizes upon request), RGB power LED lights, Wi-Fi microcontroller, power supply.
Photo's and video shoots are made by Aad Hoogendoorn. Video edit by Marcel van Berk.

The Circle explores looping repetition and it’s hypnotic lure. With this piece Jonas Vorwerk looks at the possibility of creating a dynamically changing light, which attracts and locks the viewers’ attention. The Circle renders a seemingly unvaried process of calm yet always changing cycles that play around with our perception by algorithmically balancing between repetition and randomness.

Tonal changes of day-and-night cycles combined with irregularly animated light strings make the work seem vital and having a life of its own. In fact the gentle bursts of light roaming the ring have a generated life span in which they move through the circular path. When their time is up, new ones appear and disappear in an endless iterance. These apparently repeating occurrences are in fact distinct and interact with one another influencing each other’s duration, speed, brightness and/or direction. Vorwerk’s works are often centered around the user playing with and alerting the work, this time it seems that he has let the work play with the viewers by captivating their attention with a series of orbiting transient flows.


is a light, an art piece, a design object, is handmade and just a few of a kind. Each Circle is gifted with it’s own number and therefore unique.

Each Circle contains several hundred multicoloured leds and a custom build, wifi led controller. It has its own user friendly, web-based, interface to adjust its settings via wifi. This means you can control the lights by using your phone, tablet or computer. It has several light algorithms, is fully dimmable, has predefined and user settings.

Circles are available in diameters Ø 105 cm and 165 cm

Technical details

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