Year: 2017
Specifications: 5 objects with rings of bent u-shaped aluminum profile of Ø 160cm on 40cm foots with a controller wheel made of steel mounted into a bearing system, RGB power LED lights, Wi-Fi microcontroller, speaker, power supply and central computer running Max7.
Client: Self initiated
Collaborations: Metal craftsmanship: Wout Rockx
Exhibitions: Festival op ‘t Eiland

In his recent work ‘Loops’ Jonas Vorwerk comes back to the idea of creating new spatial and collective interfaces for making music. A concept he has already been addressing in earlier works such as the ‘Lightbox Sequencer’ and ‘Musical Forest’. This time he takes a closer look at the idea of audio loops and creates yet another experimental interface for creating music.

The installation singles out five audio loops that through a simple controller-wheel can be modified based on speed and playback direction. The core of the concept is also reflected in the form of the artwork and light animations that accompany the sound, turning it a lively and amusing spectacle.

Loops are shown to the public for the first time during Festival op’t Eiland in Nijmegen from July 15-21.

This work could be seen at

Festival op ‘t Eiland

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