Officetrax 027

Officetrax 027

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Office Trax is the new mixtape series from Studio Ruwedata where different artists are asked to comprise a mix with tunes of which they think are suited for a working situation. While one likes to listen to chaotic jungle, the other likes to listen to unending ambient tracks while working. This is exactly what we want to hear in this mixtape series, the artist’s own vision on ‘work music’. We want to hear what the artist listens to when he or she has to do a large assignment, when he or she is in the heat of the moment because of a deadline or what they listen to when they need to keep their mind at ease. With this approach, we expect a wide variety of mixes, which align with the different needs of the working people.

Office Trax 027 comes from Beatnologic aka Jonas Vorwerk!

Beatno has been DJing for many years. He was part of the TICTOC and Lowriders Rotterdam crew known for its hiphop & beats events and founded Ghettoblaster Soundsystem nights in Rotown Rotterdam where he DJ’d for several years of hiphop soul and funk. His main music styles are variations of hiphop and trip-hop but his full range encompasses many styles and genres including UK funky, electro, house, juke and drum and bass. Beatno is a true mixmaster with amazing turntable skills who brings a lifelong passion for beats to every performance.


Symmetrical jazz (Flapper till 5AM mix) – Awunsound
Raxmus – The Black Dog
Lil DB Tool – Skee Mask
I Can See (Rings Around Saturn Remix) – Harvey Sutherland
Pac 3 – Override
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Acid – Squarepusher/AFX
Laughable Butane Bob – AFX
Worm Hole – Coco Bryce
TTV – Telefon Tel Aviv
Detroit Part 1 – Shigeto
Listen To The Future – Free The Robots
Daughter – Four Tet
Fast Eddie – Amon Tobin
Souff Souff – Woodenspoon
Who The Hell Am I? (Animal On Wheels remix) – DJ Vadim
Fungle Junk (Lemon D jazz excursion remix) – DJ Food
Automatic Truth – Amen Andrews
Eviscerate Version – Squarepusher
Roygbiv – Boards of Canada
Change [Aphex Twin Mix #2] – Nav Katze
Nepalese Bliss – Irresistable Force
Earth to G San (feat. Tetsuya Hikita) – Kidkanevil