Museumnacht 2020

Client: AVL Mundo
Date: 07/03/2020 - 08/03/2020
Location: Rotterdam (NL)
Artwork: 24 Ticks

During Museumnacht010 at AVL Mundo you can teleport yourself from the Late Seventies to the Roaring TwentyTwenties. Here, in the west side of Rotterdam, this evening is all about Grease Enlightning. A sticky but smooth evening and night program with art, easy to copy dance steps, shiny dixxo and radically lit spaces.

Works of Atelier Van Lieshout guide you to ‘De Barbaar’ , the new spaces of AVL Mundo, where you find a light and sound sculpture by Jonas Vorwerk, a video work by Itziar Okariz and the place where you can let yourself be physically overwhelmed with Connor Schumacher and his show Funny, Soft, Happy & the Opposite.

The performance by Connor Schumacher takes place at 22.00 and 23.00 at AVL Mundo and at 01:30 at Weelde. The performance at Weelde is only accessible with a combi-ticket for Museumnacht010 and afterparty.

For more information on Museumnacht010 and tickets click here.

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