Circle User Manual

Circle User Manual

The Circle will always automatically starts doing its thing.
If the leds are orange then just be patient, after a few minutes the magics starts. Orange means it’s waiting for you to fill in your wifi credentials. If you connect our Circle to your local wifi network your are able to control the behaviour with your phone of computer. 

Add Circle to your local Network


Power Supply

5V DC with minimal 4A or higher. We love this one.


You can reset the wifi settings using:

OSC control

OSC stands for Open Sound Control, a network protocol once created by musicians to replace midi. There are numerous OSC apps available, for iOS, Android, Mac or PC.

With and OSC app it’s possible to send messages to a Circle to alter it’s behaviour. The Circle and your OSC device must be on the same network.

We prefer this app: and for Android with this app it’s easy to create custom interfaces for your Circle.

OSC Settings

Port (outgoing) 8888
Port (incoming) 9999

OSC Commands

/all/power set power0-1
/all/hueset hue color 0-255
/all/satset saturation 0-255
/all/val set value / brightness 0-255
/all/programmodeset program mode0-…
/all/global_speed_dotsset speed dots0-255
/all/fadeoutset fadeout0-255

The command “all” can be replaced with the #id of your Circle to control a specific Circle if you might have more than one. 

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