Year: 2023
Specifications: 8x 2m light tubes with all an independent led controller and a motor to vibrate the water.

Ripples is a sound and light installation. Several light bars are vertical installed just above the water. The light starts from the top of the lighter and moves slowly down to draw the visitors attention. When the moving light reaches the water, a device gets activated and starts to vibrate the water. This generates water ripples, lit in the center. 
This will generate an ever changing sound and image performance of technology and nature.

During the event the temperatures were far below 0 degrees so all water was frozen, so no ripples but every changing vibrations over the ice, which was a kind sweet reward of nature.

The work is modular, the first setup we used 8 modules but it’s expandable to bigger proportions on request.

This artwork was exhibited at the following events

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