Year: 2014
Specifications: 12 aluminum frames with LED light grids (125 x 165 cm) held by a steel structure, powered by 220V, Arduino electronics. The installation has a total dimension of 8m x 8m x 3m.
Aad Hoogendoorn (photography), Rick Messemaker (film), Marcel van Berk (video editing)

Mobile continues the artist’s interest in triggering new sensations created by the combination of technology, nature and the digital media.

This installation inspired by the work of Alexander Calder explores two different dimensions of subtle change. It merges the idea of the kinetic sculpture with a new sense of dynamics introduced by the use of light and digital programming. Its structure can be randomly set in motion by the air movement while the 3600 lights animate it fluently fluctuating from one color intensity to another.

This subtle sense of motion, both natural and digital makes this giant structure seem somewhat delicate and inconstant, at the same time offering a unique experience to each spectator who will be immersed in a sensation of movement, light and changing colors.

This artwork was exhibited at the following events