Year: 2021
Specifications: Circular aluminium frame Ø 4m and 2m tall, LED bars, LED and Arduino controllers, distance sensors, audio system, computer.
Makersloket Rotterdam, Stroomversnelling Arnhem, Stadt Fröndenberg/Ruhr

Harp is a temporary immersive audio-visual outdoor installation, which invites passers-by to form an orchestra for a moment. The artwork’s light and sound design brings the audience together to create a playful symphony of gentle, dreamy tones. The work is structured around thirty-two interactive vertical lines that chime and illuminate with a wave of the hand. Placing one’s palm under one of the sensors will change the light and sound tones. At the same time, like the strings of a harp, each of the lines has been designed to play a different note.

It is a re-interpretation of the musical instrument which it takes its name from, but with contrast to it, this harp is played by several harpists at a time. Whether it is used to play a song or individual notes, the tone ladder has been tuned in such a way, that the instrument will always create an acoustically pleasing experience.

A circular setup invites people to gather around and allows for an open-ended multi-user experience. It promotes creativity and playfulness in public space, but also brings a sense calm. It invites people to pause and enjoy the beauty of playing music together without ever needing to practice.

The Harp was first presented on the 30th of October 2021 in Stadt Fröndenberg/Ruhr during Nacht der Lichtkunst. More information about the event can be found under this link.

This artwork was exhibited at the following events

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