Year: 2021
Specifications: Circular aluminium frame Ø 4m and 2m tall, LED bars, LED and Arduino controllers, distance sensors, audio system, computer.
Makersloket Rotterdam, Stroomversnelling Arnhem, Stadt Fröndenberg/Ruhr

Harp is a temporary immersive audio-visual outdoor installation, which invites passers-by to form an orchestra for a moment. The artwork’s light and sound design brings the audience together to create a playful symphony of gentle, dreamy tones. The work is structured around thirty-two interactive vertical lines that chime and illuminate with a wave of the hand. Placing one’s palm under one of the sensors will change the light and sound tones. At the same time, like the strings of a harp, each of the lines has been designed to play a different note.

It is a re-interpretation of the musical instrument which it takes its name from, but with contrast to it, this harp is played by several harpists at a time. Whether it is used to play a song or individual notes, the tone ladder has been tuned in such a way, that the instrument will always create an acoustically pleasing experience.

A circular setup invites people to gather around and allows for an open-ended multi-user experience. It promotes creativity and playfulness in public space, but also brings a sense calm. It invites people to pause and enjoy the beauty of playing music together without ever needing to practice.

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