Light Studies Workshop Kyiv 2018

Client: Kyiv Light Festival
Date: 19/05/2018
Location: Kyiv (Ukraine)


The Kyiv Lights Festival asked Jonas Vorwerk to give a masterclass about the art of light installations. 

Jonas Vorwerk  is interested in working with aspects that are present both in the digital and the physical domains such as multiplicity and modularity. His works frequently explore the ideas of repetition, interaction, chance and change. To look into the new dimensions that the digital world can create in the physical space he primarily works with technology, light, music and space. He uses these elements not only as tools but also likes to draw from the broader cultural context that connects them to the popular culture and entertainment, which originates in his own involvement with the electronic music scene and background in engineering. 

For this masterclass Jonas prepared a “Light Studies” hands on workshop.

The masterclass is designed for:

What are we going to do?

We are going to create light works. These could be art, could be design, answer to a problem or personal interests.

Why is this useful for you?

Masterclass planning


Please bring an Arduino in any form. If you are new to this, you might want to consider buying an Arduino Uno 

If you are in the position to bring those tools, they might be handy:

Any other tools, materials to create a light art installation prototype are welcome, bring whatever you think is needed! 

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