Year: 2017
Specifications: Ø 100cm and Ø 165cm 3mm Aluminium, addressable led's, wifi microcontroller and a power supply.
Exhibitions: Light Studies

A new autonome artwork called “Circle”. What started as a prototype for a new artwork is now a finished product. We made several iterations and wrote special algorithms to control the lights. The lights blink slowly as an never ending loop. A integrated microcontroller with wifi capabilities let’s you alter the speed, intensity, patterns, colours and much more.

Circles are available in several sizes
aswel as custom build options

All Circles are unique and numbered. Number 1 and 2 are sold.
#3 with a diameter around 100cm, with 180 leds
#4 and #5 with a diameter from 165cm with 300 leds are still available.
Contact me for more details.

Photo’s and video shoots are made by Aad Hoogendoorn. Video edit by Marcel van Berk.

This work could be seen at

Light Studies

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